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Clara Villatoro "I have worked with Hispanic clients in Canada and the United States since 1989. I believe that my training and personal experiences have allowed me to help new immigrants navigate the unique challenges of the acculturation process. 

In my practice, I counsel children, adolescents and adults with special emphasis on families of Hispanic background. The therapies are conducted in a safe, respectful and non-judgemental environment with an acute awareness of the cultural differences experienced by the client.

In my practice, I am able to help/assess individuals with a variety of mental health issues such as ADHD, anxiety/depression, behavioral problems at home and school. My goal is to help my clients in developing coping mechanisms in order to be able to develop resilience and the necessary communication and problem-solving skills required to thrive in society.

The primary treatment tools used to achieve positive results are, but not limited to, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Behavior Modification Techniques. 

It is important to note that, therapy is a team effort involving the therapist, client, family members and in some cases teachers, and other health professionals. My goal is to be a caring and effective member of the therapy team." Ms. Clara Villatoro 

About Clara Villatoro   

Ms. Clara Villatoro began her counseling career in 1984 in Canada, attending to refugees from Central America and provided them with assistance in their settlement in a new culture.

She received her Bachelors Degree in Manitoba, Canada in Psychology and Native Studies.

She received her first Master Degree in Psychology in 1998 at the University of Houston, Clear Lake and completed her internship at MHMRA, Substance Abuse facility for those with dual diagnoses.

She is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and was working at MHMRA as a Case Manager with the chronically mentally ill.   She was providing counseling and guidance and referrals as needed.  Ms. Villatoro has also worked several years with those with substance abuse problems by providing assessments, referrals and counseling. Ms.Villatoro holds a second Master Degree in Counseling and Guidance in the University of Huston-Victoria. Ms. Villatoro is a Licensed Professional Counselor (psychotherapist) in the State of Texas. Ms. Villatoro has also worked in institutions as a Behavioral Health Specialists and at Residencial Psychiatric Hospital with children, adolescents and adults.  Ms. Villatoro has worked with a broad range of individuals, children, high-school students, jail inmates.  She has experience in a variety of areas, including substance abuse and other addictions, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, relationship and marital difficulties, adolescent behavior problems, ADHD, parenting issues, eating disorder, abuse and trauma and adjustment difficulties.

Ms. Villatoro is a dedicated, responsible, organized seeking the welfare and well being of individuals, with good problem solving and communication skills.

Ms. Villatoro has been awarded as a Life time member of the Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology.


Ms. Villatoro has experience in a variety of areas including;

Substance abuse and other addictions



Grief and loss

Relationship and marital difficulties

Adolescent behavior problems


Parenting issues

Eating disorder

Abuse and trauma

Adjustment difficulties

Assessment and Evaluation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

  • Mental Health Evaluations
  • Immigration
  • Forensic Evaluations
  • Custody Evaluations


                      Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Texas

                      LCDC,  Texas

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